1998 F150 Showrunner 4x4
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1998 Ford F150 Prerunner 4x4, Baja, Off Road, Must see!

Well, by my definition, its not quite a legit Prerunner, more of what I like to call, Showrunner.

This is a private sale, not a dealer.

Please read entire ad before you call , most questions are answered clearly below, thanks.

I am going to do my best to explain everything about it, so to help slow down the calls and questions, limited to serious capable cash buyers only. If you are financing, please be already approved. I will work with you and your bank.

198,000 original miles. Runs and drives great. Govt owned 1997-2011.

4.6 V8




Definition; Showrunner: I vehicle that appears to be a Prerunner, but may not have the inner workings of a Prerunner.

1.75" DOM tubing front and rear prerunner style bumpers, with a front skid plate, custom fabbed at my shop Extreme Motorsports.

Hanneman front fiberglass fenders.

35 x 12.50 x 17 Pro Comp Mud Terrain tires

17" Eagle Alloy aluminum wheels

2" Billet aluminum wheel adapters in the front

1.75" drop shackles in the rear

Rear bedside are pulled and widened and trimmed up for departure angle.

Custom spray lined side mirrors, bed liner, bed caps, front grill shell, the whole cab of the floor interior, interior dash, rear fender flares. and more...

Graphics: The primary design and graphics are all part of the base wrap. The decals of the names, for example Graham Racing, Phat Grafix, NorCal Prerunners, Extreme Motorsports, are all stickers applied on top of the wrap, in other words, they can be easily removed or replaced with your new graphics.

The body was all original under the wrap, in fact I have pictures somewhere to show it all as the original white.

All the lights function properly including rear lic plate light.

Carfax is squeaky clean, showing first owner from 1997 until 2011, then me. It also shows no accidents, nothing negative.

Clean and Clear title in hand.

I am the 2nd owner of this truck. I have had it for about 5-6 months. It was a government owned vehicle from 1997-2011. From what I was told, it had mandatory regular maintenance and service.

I originally bought it with the intentions to build it in to a long travel prerunner, but my priorities have shifted and a regrettably need to sell it.

I drive this truck every day. I drop off my kids at school, and load up my dirt bike in it, drive to work and back and even took it to Pismo once. I never even put it in 4wd other then before I bought it to make sure it worked, and one other time to show my daughter how well 4wd hooks up in the dirt. It has no problems, everything works. The air conditioning blows ice cold and cools the cab in under a minute.

The interior is ok. Don't get me wrong, its clean, and I have no problem putting my kids in it, but the drivers side of the seat is worn down through the foam. Obviously when the govt owned it, they must have got in and out a million times. Any ways it is obvious, if someone were to simply cover the seat, the interior would look much nicer.

Performance driving: For the most part, this truck is stock. Yet, it is amazing with simply adding oversize wheels and tires, and extra width, how much better it handles. We have a local canal dirt road that we test our trucks on and this thing gets down it pretty darn good. The best part about it, is the 4 wheel drive. There's nothing like, pulling out all the stuck 2wd's or going up all the hills the 2wd's can't make it up.

Come take it for a test drive, you won't be dissapointed.

Registered until January 2012

Available any day 8am-9pm.

Located in Brentwood, Nor-Cal. 94513

In summary, before you call and ask.... NO, there is nothing wrong with it. No, it does not have a salvage title. Everything works. Yes, it is reliable and ready to go. I would not hesitate to drive in this rig to Florida right now!

This is a very popular combo, fiberglass, 35" tires, 17" wheels, regular cab and 4x4.

Walk around video, click here http://s433.photobucket.com/albums/qq51/gmg454/For%20Sale/1998%20F150%20Showrunner/?action=view&current=MOV09608.mp4

Priced for quick sale!

Kelly Blue Book value is $5500 bone stock.

This is far from a stock truck.

I have invested:

$1200 tires

$800 wheels

$600 fenders

$1500 fabrication and welding bumpers and skid plate

$500 in suspension, bed mods, installations and alignment

$200 wheel adapters

$1500 spray lined, bed, mirrors, trim, flares, dash, floor, grill shell, bed caps

$2200 in vinyl wrap

$8500 total invested above price of truck, not including tax and incidentals.

I am asking:

$7,900, you cant build this truck for anywhere near this price.


925-588-4800 , feel free to email, text, or call with any questions.